Bringing light

Bringing light

I struck up a chat with this lovely couple, C and N.
They were life partners as well as theatrical juggling partners, and also played music together.

C had led quite a nomadic life and was well travelled. He was a youth worker with a business that held workshops for kids with musical instruments made out of recycled materials.

I asked him what he enjoyed most about working with the kids. He replied that it was great keeping them away from their phones, and reconnecting them instead to Self – through sound, movement and exploration.

C’s other gig was juggling, and he sometimes busked on the main road at the traffic lights accompanied by N.

His favorite busking moments were seeing people’s smiles, and being told by unlikely people that he had made their day. Juggling on the road wasn’t a big financial earner, and I asked C what he was getting out of it. He answered that he loved connecting with people, making them happy and bringing light into their lives.

I asked them where they had met. N said they had met in an unexpected way in Alice Springs. They had fallen madly in love there 8 months ago and along with River the dog had been inseparable ever since.

I felt touched by the adoration and appreciation they so obviously held for each other. It was lovely to bask in the glow of their love for a while.

We said our goodbye’s and had a group hug.

I left our chat with a spring in my step and a sense of lightness. It`s amazing how being in the presence of somebody else’s great energy can transform your day and make everything seem so much brighter!

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