Joy of life

Joy of life

I struck up a chat with S, a single mum with a 3 year old boy, working part time as a cleaner. 

She had a warm and cheeky personality, with an easy smile that was contagious.

S was a natural chat initiator who loved helping others. She found people fascinating and was intrigued by what made them tick. I asked her who her favorite chats were with and her answer was, “I love everyone.” She then added that if she had to choose a favorite person to chat with, it would be the unusual and socially awkward people. I asked her why and she replied, “I find them fascinating and they need someone like me to help bring them out of themselves, I wonder what I can contribute” She also told me that she never feared others judgement or rejection when approaching them for a chat.

S’s comments and easy confidence with strangers intrigued and fascinated me. 
I asked her if she had always been that way. She said that she had always been the life of the party but that she had only got to know herself at 30. That was the age when she had broken free from an abusive relationship and negative situation to truly explore her own empowerment. She mentioned that in the past she had depleted herself by giving everything she had to others but now she knew to keep some love for herself. S said that she had consciously built up her confidence and positive expectation over time to become the glass half full person she was now.

I asked S what her happy go-to-place was when she felt blue and her answer was dancing, and she added that dancing was her happy, sad and every mood in between go to place. She laughingly told me that she was well known in some clubs for her “shuffle and shine dance.”

I loved chatting with S, she was so smart, funny and friendly. Her vibrant spark and joy of life attitude was wonderfully intoxicating and stayed with me all day.

The world could definitely do with more friendly lounge-room disco stars like S!  

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