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So you`re interested in becoming a chat ambassador? Hooray that`s great news!

You are an integral part of Strike up A Chat`s social initiative to spread friendliness to our global community and make the world a kinder place.

Fill out the form below and read the Strike up A Chat Code of Conduct. We will then email you everything you need including; Printable Cards PDF, Chatting Guidelines and Mindfully Aware meditation MP3.

We will never share your personal data
I agree to abide by the rules outlined the Strike Up A Chat Code of Conduct

We are here to support our chat ambassadors on their chat journey. Here are some common questions we have been asked. If your own question is not addressed here, please email Natalie and she will respond to your question. Please allow some time for her reply.

Feel free to Like our Facebook community page and use it to post some of your chats to.


Chatting is fun. You will find it entertaining and interesting to share a conversation with others whilst listening to their unique story.
Your own communication skills will grow the more you get used to striking up chats, and from following the Guidelines that are available to you once you grab the cards and click on the Strike Up A Chat Agreement. Other benefits noted are; enhanced self-confidence, feeling more connected to others, decrease in loneliness and an increase in courage.

There is no obligation to follow a set number of chats. You can chat as often or as little as you would like. Some people find it helpful to set themselves a chat goal for the week of 1-3 people. Others like to be more spontaneous and initiate a chat when they feel like engaging, or when they want to stretch out their courage a bit further.

No you don`t have to post to social media about your chats unless you want to. Some people may like to post about their favorite chats, and others prefer to not post. Either is fine. Those who post find that their cognitive ability and writing skills improve significantly.

It`s good to carry with you a piece of paper and pen in your pocket or bag. After a chat, you can take down some brief notes or list key words that will jog your memory about the conversation and the person.

Chats can be short, just a few sentences or a bit longer. Check out the Facebook page if you want to get more of an idea about the length. It`s really not about the quantity of words you write but the quality of what you express. Short and sweet is fine.

Small talk is the chatting appetizer served up before the main meal. It can utilize something that you and the other person may have in common. For example;

• The weather (a good neutral topic)
• Music, films, TV shows
• Sports, events
• Food, restaurants
• Hobbies
• Travel.
• News

We frequently use the question; “Has anybody ever struck up a chat with you?” Alternatively, “Have you ever struck up a spontaneous chat with somebody?”

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