Our Mission

Strike Up A Chat`s social enterprise scheme encourages and supports effective communication between people.

We seek to enrich our global community by actively supporting respectful communication between people, with the hope of creating a wave of friendly conversation that all can take part in.

Everything starts with a chat, and Strike Up A Chat seeks to bring people together to help strengthen community and bring joy to the people in it. Together we are creating an epidemic of friendly people chatting with each other face to face instead of phone to phone.

An important role within our global Strike Up A Chat community is that of Chat Ambassador. Our chat ambassador`s bring Strike Up A Chat into their own neighbourhoods to build community spirit, have fun, and enjoy the great feelings that friendly chatting provides. Many chat ambassadors experience a flow down effect of increased self-confidence and enhanced communication skills. Some chats can even lead to new friendships being formed.

Strike Up A Chat has developed a unique system to help our chat ambassadors implement our Strike Up A Chat framework for effective conversation. Our chat ambassador social enterprise scheme is a free community service. It is our way of sharing the Strike Up A Chat values, and signifies our commitment to actively bring more kindness and care into the community.

Strike Up a Chat skills are often the gap between what one needs to have the life they really want. Sometimes these skills may be the obstacle, the pothole in the road which if you could only just step beyond, you could drive to the top of the mountain. Learning to be comfortable in speaking to strangers and being an effective communicator

Strike Up A Chat Vision

Strike Up A Chat is an ethical business with a social enterprise scheme to help bring friendliness back into fashion and make the world a kinder place for all.

Our central goal at Strike Up A Chat, is to reconnect people to one another through respectful face to face conversation. Many people would agree that there is a deficit in friendly communication within our community that is isolating us from one another. The strike up a chat social initiative framework has been developed as an effective way of bridging that gap.

Our dream is to create a global epidemic of spontaneous chats to enrich people`s lives and instigate social change. Through amicable communication we seek to build community spirit and bring joy to the people in it, suburb by suburb, city by city – one chat at a time!

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