The Strike Up A Chat framework has been developed to strengthen community and bring joy to the people in it. Central to this theme is our mission to bring face to face conversation back into the public domain to create a more friendly community.

The Strike Up A Chat cards are designed as an ice-breaker, to give people the permission to speak to *safe strangers as outlined in the Chatting Guidelines.

A core element to effectively use the Strike Up A Chat cards, is the creation of trust between people. This is achieved through following the guidelines, maintaining the integrity of the Strike Up A Chat name and respecting our ethic of having no personal agenda attached to using the cards – a chat is just a chat!

With this view in mind, we have created the Code Of Conduct Agreement for you to read and then tick the box at the end.

  • The Chat Cards are not to be used as a method for “hitting on” or making sexual or romantic advances to others. They are solely for the purpose of initiating and enjoying a friendly chat with other people without a prior agenda other than to build and strengthen community.
  • Cards are not to be used for selling your products or somebody else’s products and not for promoting your or another`s event or promotion. Chats are a good way to establish trust and good feeling and not to be used as an opportunity to sell somebody something.
  • Strike Up A Chat may be contacted directly by those wanting to affiliate, sponsor, promote or expand the Strike Up A Chat initiative, and we will consider appropriate offers on an individual basis.
  • Each Chat Ambassador is solely responsible for their own safety. Strike Up A Chat does not take responsibility for others` personal responsibility to keep themselves safe.
  • The Chatting Guidelines will be read prior to your first commencement of using the Strike Up A Chat cards with special notice taken of the Keeping Safe guidelines.
  • The Strike Up A Chat card PDF file or individual blank cards are not to be shared or given out to others who want to become Chat Ambassadors. All prospective Chat Ambassadors must first download their own cards by agreeing to the outlined Code Of Conduct Form and then reading the Chatting Guidelines prior to using the Chat Cards.
  • All Chat Ambassadors will act ethically, respectfully and politely towards others while using the Chat Cards and while acting as a representative for Strike Up A Chat`s social initiative. We are here to enjoy our chats while building and strengthening community spirit. No abusive behavior or racist or sexist behavior will be tolerated.
  • Chat Ambassadors will have access to Strike Up A Chat social media Community pages and follow the page guidelines to posting.

Chat Ambassadors may be given a warning to stop if any of the above conduct points are not adhered to. If they continue to act in ways that are not in accordance to the Strike Up A Chat ethics as outlined they will be asked to leave the Strike Up A Chat social initiative and cease all distribution of the Chat Cards, use of the Strike Up A Chat name and access to Strike Up A Chat social media.

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